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Main Office: Please send all Forms, Applications and Fees to the main office.

ISHR, 2120 Scotch Hollow Rd., Noel, MO. 64854


866-201-3098 or 417-475-MARE 


Everything can be done ONLINE! Pictures, forms, payment. Forms can be copy/pasted and sent via email, pics can be sent by email, payment just simply type

Officers of the ISHR:

Rebecca Rogers  President /Founder: Noel, MO.  USA     866-201-3098    Email:

Troy Mullin - Vice President: Noel, MO. USA                    417-475-MARE Email:

Eleanor Lorden,Webmaster, ISHR Canadian Officer,  Eastern Ontario      613-764-5636                                               Email:

Slim Newlove, Canadian Officer, Southern Ontario                            613-358-2476                         Email:

Scott Rogers,  Officer, Missouri, USA  (computer tech)           

Delia MacDonald,  ISHR Officer, MA. USA                  Email:







 Flame D'Lite: Sabino Overo


Casey Clausen of CO:

Jackie Grohs of BC, Canada:

Bill Bradford of FL:

Carol Palembus of MI:

Jackie Black of Australia:

David Ventiere/Paragon Farms Tennessee: 865-437-8377

Cheryl Jones of BC, Canada:

Evelyn Canny of Victoria, Australia:

Kathe Monroe of Maine:

Petra (Patricia) Collins of Alb., Canada:




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