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ENTRY #__________                  ONLINE HORSE SHOW CLASS ENTRY FORM

(send form to: OR ISHR, 2120 Scotch Hollow Rd., Noel, MO. 64854)

CLASS #'s:____/____/____/____ /____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____/____          
Fee Pd: $3.00 per equine per class: Y___ N___ DATE:__________ Entry Rec'vd:______________AMT PD:_______
Equines Name:___________________________________________________M - G - S / Horse - Pony - Mini - Draft
Age:______ BD:_________ Spotted: __Y __N IF SPOTTED TYPE:______________ (Appy - Pinto - Pintaloosa - Other)
Solid Color: __Y __N   IF SOLID, COLOR:__________________ "OTHER" REG. #______________________________ 
Registered w/ISHR If Yes #________________ If No "OTHER" Type:_______________________________________
Owner Name:___________________________________________________________________
Phone:______________________________ Email:_____________________________________
Exhibitors Name:________________________________________________________________

( OR invoice can be sent)

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