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PAINT/PINTO QUALIFICATIONS: equine must possess the characteristic spotted pattern and/or have white above the knee(s) and/or hock(s) and/or facial white of the "BONNET", "APRON", or "BALD" face. Patterns include: Tobiano, Overo, Tovero, Splashed White, Sabino and/or any combination of said patterns.

APPALOOSA TYPE: equine must possess the characteristic markings/patterns of either/or LP gene, Appaloosa, POA, Knabstruper, Tiger, Palouse, and Colorado Ranger. Patterns include: Leopard, Few Spot, False Leopard, Varnish Roan, Solid Blanket, Spotted Blanket, Mottled, Frost, Snowflake and/or any combination of said patterns.

PINTALOOSA TYPE: there are 2 (two) type of Pintaloosa class's: TYPE "A" and TYPE "B". 

Class "A"> equine must possess BOTH pattern markings of a Paint/Pinto and Appaloosa (or any equine carrying the LP gene.)

Class "B" > equine only shows 1 pattern type - that of a Pinto/Paint or that of an Appaloosa or any equine carrying the LP gene. PROOF must be submitted showing that one parent is/was Pinto and the other Appaloosa/LP and/or Pintaloosa. (proof being a photo of Sire and/or Dam or paperwork of breeding)

NOTICE: because of the Sabino gene and the acceptance of this by the Quarter Horse Association associating this marking as "Paint" markings - any Appaloosa with Sabino white going up legs, body or face will be registered as a PINTALOOSA. (this is due largely to the fact many Appaloosa's & equines carrying the LP gene are integrating with the Quarter Horse bloodlines into the Appaloosa - thus also introducing the sabino gene into the pattern)

HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: "Horse Size" must be or will mature to at least 14hh & above. (this includes draft sizes also) "Pony Size" must not mature to over 13.3hh. "Miniature Horse" must not mature to over 38 inches at the withers by 3 years of age.

PICTURE REQUIREMENTS: 4 (four) photo's are required per equine. (please, no other animal, tack - except for halter & lead rope or person(s) included in the photo's) Each photo must be clear and sharp and include the whole equine. (no cut off of face, feet, tail or ears - if there are cut offs the pictures will be rejected) Must have picture of each side (from end of nose to tail & top of ears to bottom of feet), 1 rear photo from top of ears to bottom of feet, and 1 front facial picture from top of ears to bottom of feet. 

Pictures must be printed on clean, white paper or photo paper and no larger than 3" x 5". Pictures must be in COLOR - OR they may be emailed in jpg format - no black white photo's allowed.

Color of the equine must be CLEAR and SHARP so there is no question as to the color or pattern of the equine.  


REGISTRATION APPLICATION: all applications must be filled out as accurately as possible and to the best of your knowledge. Please write legibly and as much information as possible to be included on the certificate. ISHR will not be responsible for content errors or unreadable writing and/or omissions on the application form. Any errors on application because of unreadable content and a new registration is requested - a fee for new registration is: $15.00 (ISHR'S fault - no charge) 

 ISHR shall determine the acceptability of any equine submitted for registration or certification. The color, type, and pattern shall also be determined by this registry. THE DECISION IS USUALLY FINAL. (please, anyone who calls or emails this office and is not polite or courteous in wanting a decision of this office changed shall be terminated from membership and/or equine will be revoked and all fees paid will NOT be refunded. Rudeness, screaming, cursing, slamming of the phone will NOT BE TOLERATED!

This registry SHALL NOT hold any application without the fee and pictures submitted at the same time. (this is due to people who submit an application then asks the registry to "wait" for the fee and/or photo's and they either don't send  or they wait days or weeks before sending)

If payment is being made by PAYPAL  - Please remember to add the 7% convenience fee to the to the total that you are sending UNLESS you go thru paypal using the ISHR only accepts credit cards through PAYPAL. 

ISHR does not accept personal checks from anyone outside of the United States. Bank money orders and bank drafts accepted.

(NOTICE*** - as of 2019 the U.S. Postal Service will no longer accept Postal Money Orders from outside of the United States.

No matter the breed or breed type equines of all sizes are accepted. If uncertain your equine meets the pattern qualifications - please contact the registry or send a photo of the equine. ISHR will be able to tell you very quickly if the equine qualifies or not.

Sorry, but at this time spotted mules and/or donkeys are not acceptable into this association.

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