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CPI - Certified Parentage Identification Rules

(changed ruling as of Jan. 1, 2015)

This was established specifically for recognizing the "solid" colored equine resulting from breedings of two (2) spotted parents.

With certification (called in layman's terms>> "Hardship Clause", this will show that the particular equine is from spotted hereitage and can be used for breedings in producing spotted foals or for justification to the equine's background for future referencing.

QUALIFICATIONS: (this ruling was upgraded and updated 2015)

**1) Sire and/or dam must be registered with ISHR or...

2) If equine does not have a sire or dam registered with ISHR the owner must provide PROOF that the solid equine is out of spotted parents from one of the criteria listed:

          a) proof of a registration certificate (copy, which must be sent in at the time the equine is to be Hardshipped) of the equine in question with another "color" association. (such as APHA, PtHA, SSHA, ApHC, etc...) - or...

          b) proof from a photo with the equine in question with its dam - or

          c) proof from the owner of the sire and/or dam that the equine in question was born of at least one spotted parent. (a written affadavit, with the signature of spotted sire or dam owner and witnessed by a licensed notary) - or

          d) DNA testing

The CPI application must be filled out completely and accurately. It MUST specify if the equine is a Paint/Pinto, Pintaloosa or Appaloosa. (separate fees for the type of equine being certified)

PHOTOGRAPHS: three (3) pictures are required of the equine to be certified if of the Paint/Pinto or Pintaloosa type. One of each side of equine and one with the equines sire and/or dam (IF the sire or dam are available - otherwise other proof must be sent). (whichever one is not registered ISHR) Four (4) picures are required for the Appaloosa type breedings. One of each side, front and one with sire and/or dam (IF the sire or damn are available - otherwise other proof must be sent). (whichever one is not registered ISHR)

CERTIFICATION FEE: Under one (1) year of age >> $10.00 -- If over one year old the fee is $15.00 A person must be or become a member for an equine to be certified. The fees for this are the same as in the regular branch. ($10.00 yearly or $100.00 lifetime)


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